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Our Animals

We may be small but we've got a fantastic range of friendly animals from sheep and pigs to ferrets and guinea pigs. We aim to demonstrate best practice in animal welfare. Here are just a few of our favourites...

Webster the duck

Webster was hatched by pupils at the Montessori Nursery in Balham who patiently cared for their duck eggs for 28 days. After struggling to hatch Webster was left weak and had to spend the first part of her life in our vet room. Adapting to life on the pond was hard for her but, after some bullying from the other ducks, a near drowning and a fox bite, Webster seems to have got the hang of things and is thriving.

Henny (not a Hen)

Henny is a cuckoo polish cockerel (not a hen!). He lives with his girlfriend Guinness and their many offspring in the farm's small animal area. The polish chickens are really friendly and often visit schools to help them learn about the chicken's life cycle. If you see Henny and his friends please don't chase or grab them as they get scared.

DJ the horse

DJ is 13 years old and has lived on the farm for 9 years, longer than any of the other horses. His day starts at 8:00 when the staff arrives to give him his breakfast and muck out his stable. He spends his day giving lessons to lots of different people and, like all the horses; DJ has a holiday every summer and every Christmas.

Jerry the alpaca

Jerry and his friends, Ben and Tom, are alpacas. These animals come from South America and they are part of the same family as camels and llamas. It's true that alpacas can spit but don't worry - alpacas very rarely spit at humans! Unlike llamas, alpacas are not strong enough to carry packs. Instead they are kept for their beautiful soft wool which the farm spinners turn into beautiful yarn.

Edward the pig

Edward is a Kune Kune pig and he lives with his sister Jenny. This breed come from New Zealand and their name means 'fat and round' in the Maori language. Both pigs are very friendly and smart and recently become TV personalities after appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show. Go team Jedward!

Jean-Pierre the rabbit

Jean-pierre was abandoned at the farm in a cardboard box. Despite this difficult start he quickly charmed the other rabbits and is also very popular with visitors for his fluffy mane and extravagant name! He is an escape artist and expert jumper so we keep a very close eye on him.

We haven't even mentioned the sheep, goats, ferrets, shetland ponies, guinea pigs, fancy rats, ducklings and Waffle the goose!


The SLaM project provides a safe environment for participants from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Through horticultural therapy participants work in the farm’s vegetable gardens to grow vegetables and a variety of fruits, experiencing the joys of growing as a way for self-healing and mental well-being.

The Spinners

Our Spinners are a group of textile artists and craftsmen with an interest in natural dyes and fibres and their application to contemporary textiles. 

The spinners cultivate vegetables and plants in the community garden so they can extract the dyestuff and produce handmade yarns for weaving, embroidery and knitting. The spinners offer education and training classes at the farm every Saturday from 10:30 - 2pm. 

For more information please get in touch with Diane Sullock (dianesullock@hotmail.co.uk) or visit www.dyework.co.uk.

The Young Farmers

Our Young Farmers Club is a volunteering project that enables you to gain skills, knowledge and experience working on a farm, handling animals and learning about the environment. It's open to you people aged 8-18 looking to gain experience on a farm and training from qualified professionals. We can offer:
  • Knowledge and experience of working on a farm and handling animals.
  • A portfolio showcasing the skills you've gained.
  • The opportunity to boost your team work, communication skills and confidence.
  • Workshops designed to develop both life and farm skills.
For more information download our flyer, then fill in an application form, and send it to education@vauxhallcityfarm.org.


Our riding therapy centre has been providing opportunities for all ages and abilities to learn to ride since the farm opened in 1977. Today we offer a range of different lessons, for more details contact Linda (linda.hinds@vauxhallcityfarm.org) or call 0207 582 4204.